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  1. I look every few months to see if anything INSANE has happened, if you wanna talk skype me [:
  2. Last Activity 02-13-2013 08:48 PM.... (Metal gear solid) "!"
  3. Or until hammer. Hammer usually happens anywhere from 2 days to a week on average.
  4. *easier to talk her* Days last 3 weeks?!
  5. Gotta make tuition for JHU somehow... 18+ movies are one way... lol j/k
  6. Soz, ill be back possibly after shooting ends in two weeks for a film im in
  7. This one's gonna be good man, it'd be a good one to go out on. 15 players, Baron D + luissss, and lot's of twists
  8. I'm done with mafia on this forum for awhile, sorry bud
  9. Y u no join super mafia round?
  10. Nope, just have 1000 errands but when I am done I will continue it
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