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  1. Yes. That or TG needs a lot fewer active servers so there's no choice. But greed will be their downfall.
  2. After the last few crappy servers, I think it is called for.
  3. I hope it works. That would be an awesome server.
  4. So far I know Kerri is intending to lead a team, Foley looks set to bring his team from us2, I've convinced GONE to carry over and Carni and myself are potentially leading a team. On top of that, I'm intending to speak to KCCO if I can get a contact and am trying to convince Rycorabsinthe to bring his team from us2. I did try speaking to usx but they seem disinterested.
  5. So they're looking to have vets in each quad for a REAL battle? If they can do it, that would be awesome!
  6. Haven't even looked at it. Why? What's going on?
  7. I'm curious as to your thoughts about s4.
  8. You were playing with Murdok on s1 were you not? Skype me?
  9. Care to join us on the International TG Finals? We have a number of tickets and people looking for duals.
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