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  1. Soon-ish. I can explain it to you easily. Let's say there are 10 players. 7 of them would be the good guys, and 3 of them would be the bad guys. The bad guys all know who each other are, the good guys do not. You simply start conversation and try and find out who the bad guys are. Every "day" you vote to lynch someone you think is mafia. Majority vote or the person with the most votes when the day cycle ends is lynched .
    Then there is the night phase. The mafia get together and send in one kill per day/night cycle. They send it to the host via PM or whatever. So night comes and the host makes a post saying "so and so" was lynched and "so and so" was killed by the mafia.
    Mafias goal is to be the last one standing, good guys goal is to kill all the mafia. It sounds wicked confusing at first but once you play one round, you will get it. I loved it and used to play it on here non stop. Because you can troll and bug the **** out of people and it is part of the game!
  2. I truly don't understand Mafia. I've only played once. When is the deadline to enter?
  3. Come play mafia, I am hosting, need people!
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