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  1. Guess who randomly thought about travian last night?!? oh yeah. Me. Not enough time to play but figured I'd drop you a line and say hey.
    Hope all is well.
  2. Hey bud, you still drop in here occasionally? Christian and I jumped back in S1, and both have teuton accounts. Feel free to message either one of us if you're interested in coming onboard as a dual. We're both off to a good start. His account is somewhat of a sleeper spy, already entrenched in an enemy alliance (remember Rebels?! They're back!). Outside of he and I, knowledge of who he actually is, is extremely limited. Idea was of him being a deep spy long term, even shooting for an OC position within Rebels. My account has already flown our groups tags, so is probably out of the question as far as that goes. But just dropped the hammer village (third) and am currently top 20. Ramping up troops for the real fun now.

    Anyway, hope RL is going well, either way. Take it easy.

  3. LOVE IT! have a month and a half of exams left, then i might stop back in. pass along my regards to everyone
  4. Elmo has been ALL Chris for a long time (since you left). I have sat the account since back then. But Chris is the only reason Elmo still exists. And he has gone from beaten, to crippled, to repairing, to growing... and right back to kicking ***. Hammer is in full production these days, back to around 25-30K I think. He's completely cleaned out his area, and is dominating around his account now.
  5. randomly thought of travian today... don't know why. thought i'd say hi. Hope H&K is still kicking PMS's ***. Shanshan says you and chris are keeping elmo running. so glad to hear it.
  6. Just for you my friend.
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