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  1. Ty Hun. I am 40 today. Grrrr!

    aw that was supposed to be in caps yay now it is ^_^
  3. Hey find me the forum rules I can't find em =/
  4. I dun like you

  5. :P

    Going to some thingy for English Extra Credit.. I have a low grade there so I guess I will drive 8,000,000 miles out there to get some extra credit. Wanna hang out at whatever it is I need to go to? Oh, and get this - the teacher isn't even going to be telling us where it is, how many extra credit points it is, etc... until Friday, the day before the event happens. Procrastination much?
  6. Yeppers, I live in Ft. Wayne now. Oh oh, I'm in trouble.
  7. Ft. Wayne right? Yep
  8. You coming to NE Indiana??
  9. I'm coming close-ish to you on Saturday!
  10. You. Are. Never. On. IRC. *Sadface*.
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