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  1. Holy fishsticks batman!
  2. I'm.. going.. to.. ghetto.. stomp.. you..
  3. Don't wanna fiss, don't wanna fuss, five minutes with your avatar and hush! Don't call my name.. FERNANDO.
  4. I know that we are young, and I know that you may love me.. but I just can't be with you like this anymore.. ALEJANDRO.
  5. Hey, where's your avatar from?? ^^

    O, and I was just joshin' with ya',

    just I know how to really hit the ground runnin' with tuts and just thought I would offer my services.. for a price.
  6. Teutons? ORLY.
  7. Hey MR. I hope you know I am inviting myself for your server 2 restart, and yes, we are playing teutons. hmph.
  8. Hahah I lold.
  9. whattayathink?? I LoL'd.
  10. "I liek to omnomnom villages, and soldiers and people. 0_o -Conundrum
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