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  1. Lol..thought you might. One can never get enough Lolcats
  2. AHH, Love the sig pic!
  3. I posted this on my profile, Ember, sorry about the confusion
    This avvy isn't my picture. I went to a concert with my best friend and another male friend. I teased my long-ish black hair and did "rocker babe" eye makeup so the guy thought my friend and I looked like the singer from Lacuna Coil. He always calls me LC now (my real inititials too) and sent me that avvy pic. I can *sort of* see it in this vid. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I thought she was recognisable enough to avoid confusion
    (My kitty died in April )
  4. Thank you. Your cat looks just like mine. I love tiger stripes
  5. Love your avvy
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