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  1. Okay.
  2. Life is too short to waste my time ! I just sent a friends request to Luissss , finally figured out how to .
  3. Aww... Come on...
  4. I can try to send again later . There are always going to be troublemakers in every group . People are miserable with their lives and want to make others miserable too . In real life most are just full of hot air and scared of their own shadows . I have no room , nor time , in my life for wastes of air and space for people like that .
  5. Some are nice, like Luissss, Amazed, madsquirrels...

    That's to bad.
  6. I can't even push to myself right now ! I have been trying to ship to my second village and can't ! The server must be screwed up and will not complete loading of the page to send resources . I've only read the WW post so far on s1 embassies . Those people are full of **** and are just looking to instigate something . I have more to do than waste my time even replying to them !!
  7. And push me on us4! Send rescources!
  8. Ok boss !
  9. Anytime, now hope on down to the us1 embassies.
  10. COOL ! I'm a computer genius now !! Thanks for helping me to understand how to post !
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