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  1. We used to have a few threads down in the dump dedicated only to sig banner commissions back when they were a bit of a fad if you remember. Never got one myself.
  2. Real life? Oh yeah, forgot about that

    But that would be cool, I am not technically advanced to do art on a computer(let alone in real life).
  3. Yeah. I like it.

    The sad thing is that a lot of the Trav artists we had disappeared into the depths of the internet. Or real life. I'd say the former.
  4. I know, I went to google and typed in TRW and this came up, looked awesome so I stole it. I wish I had skills to make something like this though.
  5. I'm not hating, although it would have been ten times cooler if you had in fact make that.
  6. TRW Automotive from the look of it lol. I am too lazy to make my own avi
  7. Nice new avi, What company logo is that?
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