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  1. Likewise for yours. :3
  2. Sounds like it'll be a fun, and work-filled time
  3. I know what you mean man, Other than the podcast stuff, I dont have that much time either to watch anime, Our school's "Amusement Club" Is starting up soon, and I have to be the president for that thing.
  4. I still need to watch Code Geass. But I've been busy lately, between my podcasting deadlines, regular stuff, and soon my schools J-visual club that I'm starting, I don't get much viewing time
  5. I know we are!
    I have been buying the Manga of Spice and Wolf and multiple others as well, I have to say, between the Anime and Manga, the only thing I like in the Manga is how much cuter Holo is!
    My favorite has to be....A good tie between Lucky Star and Code Geass: Rainbows of the rebellion
  6. Hey Voltage, notice your a fan of Spice and wolf. Actually it's my number one favorite anime. Based on that and your Kona-chan avi, we're going to get along well =3
  7. Hello Fellow Otaku! I am Voltage-Kun! Or call me Chris!
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