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  1. Where ya been ech0? Some flying monkey you turned out to be.
  2. Can I go on your account to have a look around?
  3. Nah, s2 blows. Meant start a thread in p&d of 2 accusing roa and fear of hugging. Pretend you have an account.
  4. What do you mean by lounge? The thing Flossie started?

    And should I get a us2 account?
  5. Alright ech0, trw is a wash. Go to lounge 2 and accuse fear and roa of working together. Make things up to support what you are saying, it needs its own thread.
  6. Isn't he banned?
  7. Alright ech, next up is to troll trw, try and get him to insult your girlfriend.... Even if your girlfriend is make believe.
  8. Is waiting patiently.
  9. Have 23 members in the group... 1st quest complete.
  10. Do I get bonus points for getting Bella and other mods to join the group?
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