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  1. He would have acted differently if he had known, lol.
    Debbie (the older version) was played by a young Natalie Wood.
    I keep forgetting just how long that movie is. I think it's the last one John did with Ford.
  2. No, I did not! And I am really bad at actors/actresses. I can't keep them straight. If there's one that I think did an over-the-top good job in a movie, I'll try to remember their name, but it's a losing battle! I have such trouble separating the person from the role. Who was it?

    I'll definitely be watching it again at some point. Any movie that has half as much in it as that movie did is worth watching again to catch what was missed.

    But yeah -- what about that scene where John Wayne uses his traveling companion as bait? Doesn't that strike you as horribly rude? He could have at least warned the kid what he was about to do!
  3. Just noticed I never responded to your review. I think it's hilarious you found the characters so frustrating and unlikable. I only found Wayne's character unlikable (in a likable way), because he was going so against his normal character. None of his other western characters was a racist. John Wayne himself occasionally said some stupid things but he was happily, delightfully married to hispanic women throughout his life (and cheated on them as well, soooo...).
    I liked that they showed illiteracy rampant. Even Martin had a hard time writing in a basic way. Did you catch who played Debbie?
  4. Dan,

    I watched The Searchers. I was underwhelmed by John Wayne the entire movie, and frustrated by the actions of basically every character. It bothered me that Vera was so hung up on Martin, then bothered me that Martin was such a jerk, then bothered me even more that Vera so quickly dropped her marriage for that jerk when he waltzed back into town, then he left her again. It's so frustrating because so many good people are hung up on such jerks, and I hate it when I see that. I struggled to find anything I liked / wasn't frustrated by.

    Then they found Debbie, and her part was beautiful, and Martin actually did something good.

    Then John Wayne didn't kill her at the end, and showed compassion, and it was strangely and inexplicably uplifting.

    So that's my review. I'll give it 3 stars out of 5, which is a tomato, not a rotten tomato
  5. Lucky you!

    I'm praying that she's in the NJ area in a few months when I'm 21, and that I have a Significant Other to go enjoy it with me, too! (I found that she was going to be in area, then learned I had to be 21 to get in. Now who's too young )
  6. She was in Syracuse last Tuesday! Left work 2 hours early to see them at the Dinosaur BBQ, got a table 10 feet away. Was fantastic. New bassist is far more confident than the last and vastly improved the rhythm section with Go Go.
    I made 2 videos with my iPhone. Color blows and sound is barely okay, but I've listened to both about a dozen times since Tuesday.
    Second to the last song they did was an awesome cover of War Pigs.
    Gonna be a long year til they return to Syracuse.
  7. I stumbled onto her one night at work. Was listening to Dan Ackroyd's blues show, about to switch to my iPod for some reason when they played her song, Down in the Swamp. First notes had me hooked.
    Ipod didn't get played that night.
    I actually PAID for her CDs!!
  8. Apparently she played in Whippany last year, which is literally 20 minutes from me. Damn. She's nowhere near me for quite a while now, though. In any case, great catch on that artist. Very George Thorogood -- Blues / Rock and Roll crossovers.
  9. I caught her live last year and couldn't stop smiling. She's coming back to syracuse in a month or so and I can't wait.
  10. That Samantha Fish you posted -- looked into it, and I'm blown out of my mind. My faith in contemporary music has been restored. Thank you Dan Chak!
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