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  1. I'm in BTDT. I don't usually spend tons of time in the group chats though... just when I need to ask LB/bugzy/Stokem/Lurk/Greg how to play the game... . You'll have better luck going directly to the source
  2. I was more asking to see what teams might be interested. I've still not decided whether I'm going to play myself and my doing so will be on the premise of several skilled teams participating.

    To reiterate, I'm unsure which group you're with on S1 so I was wondering if you knew their intentions (If you're with Murdok I have some idea) and whether they might be interested?
  3. I'll stop by and message you when S1 ends, but I'm just saying, if you're looking for competence, look elsewhere.

    If you just want a nice fiery dragon, though, I'll be your rawr
  4. I'll ask Montana then. =\
  5. I'm "part of the team" on s1 the way that the cart is part of the horse's team.

    They're carrying me, you see
  6. You're part of a team on s1. You said you'll be helping out on s3 so you'll also be part of a team there.
  7. LOL well if you want competition, you should be talking to someone competent . (I'm bad at Travian )
  8. I'm contemplating it.
    At the moment, I'm trying to get a feel for which teams may be present and trying to drum up competition.
  9. I think I'm supposed to join someone's account on US3 after US1 ends... I'll join a new server after S1 ends though.

    You're joining US4?
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