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  1. Darn you. *shakes fist*
  2. You have no idea how close I was to killing MB over JC. I only decided on the safer option at the last moment before sending it in to you. From there, I committed.
  3. Your Chewy kill almost saved the town. I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^
  4. Quite literally, the best round I've ever played. Thank you. I'd have repped you for it but apparently I need to spreadz da lubz.
  5. I try to be interesting, dear SC. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail

    I'm doing a lot of research on Communism in Germany for a paper, so I decided to finally retire the Walt Whitman quote that was there ^^
  6. You're siggy is interesting. I just finished a book by Ben Elton in which Rosa and German socialism plays a secondary role.

  7. Hope it was a good day.
  8. Thankee SC. <3
  9. Herpy birfdey burney!
  10. I try . Have a nice day
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