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  1. Hi Nightmoon . I'm great! How are you?
  2. Heya Burn how are you doing?
  3. Good! We like you!
  4. Heheh of course and it was the first one I posted in. Just came back today right now.
  5. Hi! . *hugs*

    You posted in my favorite thread!
  6. HUGS heyas
  7. Well I was busy with life. But anyhow I am back. I will join Mafia but not sure which one is open though. I just posted in joining one but I think that got finished already.
  8. Ya, I remember you did that. I don't remember why though.
  9. Ahh well maybe I should go check that out. hehe I actually just came back on yesterday. Been off for a couple months.
  10. I'm good. Discounting the sunburned scalp (being a lifeguard has downsides ).

    If you played Mafia, you'd see me all the time! (Hint hint)
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