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  1. Spread too much rep in the last 24 hours, will get you for hosting the castle round tomorrow.
  2. That too. Lol. Not going to rush it, might have it done in a month or so.
  3. And write it so the vast majority who've never read it would understand it
  4. Oh ahaha nice. I was thinking of doing a Mistborn themed round. As I said, would have to re-read some of the lore from that "universe".
  5. I was going to have it Rocky Horror Picture Show themed . So probably not whatever it was you were thinking.
  6. <3
  7. OK, I signed up.

    We'll see how it goes this time .
  8. Come play my Tombstone themed round? I am saving my big write up round for later, plus it's not done yet. :-p
  9. I know and it wasnt me... :-p
  10. Either way, someone killed me round 1
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