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  1. Yea I thought I read the last book was probably going to need to be split up.

    I don't like his website much. Too... cluttered might be a good word for it. He is pretty active posting on FB so I usually catch at least the important stuff.
  2. His website is much better than Facebook, which should never be used as a form of conveying information!

    There were supposed to be 13 books, as there are right now (not counting New Spring), but there was still too much text to fit in the last book, so they're supposed to finish it with one more.
  3. Yea I felt Alcatraz was more of a tweenager book, like Harry Potter style.

    I look forward to many many years of reading his work as he is still quite young and as you said, puts out stuff at a decent rate.

    I also read that he is interested in making a new Mistborn trilogy once he is done with his current projects, meaning mostly the WoT series, which I believe is just one more book? Not 100% sure on that. I am subscribed to his page on Facebook and he posts a lot of updates. And a lot of random stuff. He is doing a complete re-read of the WoT series while he is writing the next one. Plus he teaches a Creative Writing class at BYU.

    I bought the Mistborn Trilogy and Elantris in paperback. I loved him so much I bought all 4 books on Hardback, never even opened the cover yet. Hoping one day he will do a signing near me and I can get them signed and tell him "You are the first one to open these." I have since bought everything from him in hardback.
  4. Brandon Sanderson is one of my absolute favorites! I've read and loved all his stuff as well, including Alcatraz, which is much lower level, but still fun in an immature way.

    I do love the speed with which he is able to come out with new stuff, and I especially can't wait for a sequel to The Way of Kings.
  5. Yes sir indeed sir! Love me some Brandon Sanderson. You know he is bringing out a new stand alone novel for the Mistborn realm? Called Alloy of Law due out in November.

    I started reading the Wheel of Time series a few years back and when I heard Mr Jordan died and Brandon was taking over the series I purchased the Mistborn trilogy and LOVED it. I quickly gobbled up all his books except the Alcatraz series (haven't bought them yet but they are on my list) and read them all. Elantris, Warbreaker and recently finished The Way of Kings. I just finished the Towers of Midnight about a week ago and started on A Game of Thrones of the Song of Fire and Ice series. My brother read it the series and put it on my Kindle for me. I saw there is a TV show being produced for the series so want to read it before I watch the show.

    I like to read. :-p
  6. Kelsier, as in Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson?
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