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  1. Mafia
  2. Oh, you are back....Blazin' honey, remember that is your sink.
  3. Pee's in your sink**
  4. I am not ignoring you.....I just had to take care of some details in Mafia and I had incoming on two accounts I watch over that had to be taken care of. If you came on skype my response would be quicker.
  5. Why you ignoring me?
  6. Well it is for elephants.
  7. The back massager is the biggest I've ever seen, it runs off of car batteries. That's crazy!
  8. Stay out of my shoe closet! That is private stuff there!
  9. My what big feet you have.
  10. I think I love at least You know just the right thing to say to make a girl happy.
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