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  1. That is totally true .. So fun to push peoples buttons .. That was my favorite thing about it .. Trolling the game itself, I just did/said crap to irritate people, much like Ms Evil did, only a bit worse lol
  2. <3 speed.

    I seem to have managed to gain myself duals there last round and stuck with them this round. Gotta love playing on an account people hate xD
  3. I'm thinkin about it .. Not sure if I want to go all out on a speed again or if I just wanna take it easy on a def account.. well let me change that, either way will be a speed .. but if I play again it'll be top 5 all categories i can get, or a def account I could really care less about
  4. You playing again Doobie?
  5. Ah, I've been one up'd !
  6. I went from NC to southern Cali =D
  7. I moved halfway across the country too ! .. Kind of, Nebraska to Tennessee .. about 1100 miles, I'd say thats close to half :P
  8. Moving across the country, hoping they bring the 5x back so I have a job to do around here still...nothing much xD
  9. Notta lotta .. just hoping they rerun the 5x, if they do i might come back for a round, hbu ?
  10. I noticed. What'cha been up to?
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