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  1. It's not too different from identifying botters due to repeated raid attempts on chiefed things because they are too lazy to pay attention to their scripts. Apparently more complainy though. I would take those messages over IGMs involving alliance related stuff any day though... haha. I just remember the intra alliance BS that had to get dealt with on a daily basis. Was basically a fulltime job+. And it's the kind of thing that you can't put on a resume... lol
  2. Travian V4.0 is absolutely terrible, it isn't fun at all. I wish I was never brought back to life. Do you know how depressing it is to have to filter through 50+ IGMs from people complaining that you killed their troops after you reinforced a village you just cheifed, just because their Official Travian Gold Club Auto-Farmer™ decided to launch 10 Macemen at it?

    It is disgusting how lazy and entitled people act in V4.0
  3. I am amazed to see that you were unbanned. Now I must track down BLAH. This will never happen...
  4. Tivon!
    You should give me access to the STORM social group.
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