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  1. Unfortunately I haven't been an active player in some time... Besides I'm pretty sure that cleverness has abandoned me. I tried to trap it once but I was outsmarted. I only drop by and read the forums occasionally hoping to see something interesting. Unfortunately this place has died down quite a bit... Perhaps time for Tivon to return to his former glory?
  2. a Tivon is a rare breed of Forum denizen which has long since passed its peak but which can occasionally be roused to communicate with others and make fun of or yell at other forum members. Once a heavily contributing member of forum society, it now silently reads the forums on which it is active (and looks for threads with funny pictures to send on facebook).

    What is a Mush? (and have you been up to any shenanigans on par with your first great success?)
  3. What is a Tivon?
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