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  1. Hehe Yeah, I'm holding out for restart before I go for it though. Gonna try and make the 100th post super poignant and such but it'll prolly end up just being an indecipherable drunken rant like a majority of the first 99 were :P
  2. You're getting close yourself.
  3. Oh noez! She can rep now
  4. You seem to have it backwards. (and yes, I waited nearly 3 weeks to respond cause I'm cool like that)
  5. Ahhh Hellz no! SickRoguerz fo' eva!
  6. Smurfwalski4eva!
  7. Nope...mainly I just picked apart your grammar :P Ahahha...I apparently have a knack for killing threads...every time I post on one it dies.
  8. You better have agreed with me!
  9. AArrrrgghhhgh! I waded into that ethics mess...I'm sure I'll regret it later
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