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  1. Funny thing about that, we actually dated for 2 and a half years lmao. College ended it heh
  2. I do remember... how did the whole girl named Summer thing go?
  3. I'm glad, I hope you didn't forget me! It's been a while though
  4. apparently so....
  5. I still have friends on here?
  6. So I don't know if you still go but I remember talking to you about the girl named Summer. Just figured I'd update you, we've been together for a year and a half now heh.
  7. Scratch that last scratch that. Things are amazing lol.
  8. oh nohz!

    So it didn't work out so well? 1-10 how was the occasion?
  9. Scratch that. Now you're name makes me down : /.
  10. Haha thanks, I hope the same thing :O! Oh I see, well I'm glad you picked it. Seeing the name makes meh happy .
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