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  1. Happy Birthday my double-8 companion!
  2. Why you no post in Strongton!?
  3. Happy Birthday!
  4. Happy birthday, fellow August 8ther!
  5. And mbstokem.

    Happy birthday.
  6. HEY!!!! You have the same birthday I do!!!
  7. *didn't see it*

    Did it get deleted?
  8. Alright, thanks for the advice. Look for a thread in the General section within about 5 minutes. *A certain poster* needs to know that his idiocy is not appreciated.

    If I get banned, I'll come looking for you when I get free.
  9. Well I appreciate that you thought of me as a good source.

    Technically, it's not against anything. Although it probably wouldn't be very much appreciated... so you may get derepped.

    Is it a user of this forum? Because otherwise it shouldn't matter at all...

    So if you want to make an entire thread to point out someone here's fail, you should be able to do it and the worst you can get is probably a de-rep and maybe a locked thread. But if you get banned then I guess you can blame me.
  10. Can I get in trouble for starting a thread about how fail someone is? I'd ask a Mod, but there aren't any online right now. I figured, you're the next best thing.
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