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  1. I was considering not even responding to it at all. >.>
  2. It takes you nearly a week to reply?
  3. Whoa... When did you get here?
  4. woah... Rami... where did you come from
  5. Oooh good moderator-like reply. :P
  6. Oh please, you never knew me when I was a spammer back in the day :P

    I haven't really had an "urge" to spam at all since I became a Moderator since:

    1) I spammed early on, which got it out of my system.
    2) There really isn't any time to spam, since I spend most of my forum time reading spam of others.
    3) There's always the Lolcatz thread in case I ever want to post anything non-moderator like.
  7. Oh yeah! It's just hard for me to picture you stepping in all moderator-like. You know you wanna spam.
  8. You were saying something about how me moderating was funny to you... You want to explain that a bit more?
  9. Heyyyyyy that's not nice. Lol there are lots of y's in my hey... that's funny. What was I saying?
  10. You are very easy to amuse, although that is to be expected from a little kid. That is all.
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