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  1. fk u
  2. you really are dum
  3. Dear shanny,

    Oh your claims are such lies
    They will eventually lead you to your demise
    Everyone knows telling lies are bad
    You should have learned this from your dad
    Lying can make your wood grow, your pants catch on fire
    Never tell a lie, even if the need is dire
  4. >:[ !
  5. Don't make me post my poem about you being a liar
  6. I hate you
  7. Dear shanny,

    You look so fine,
    I just got a good look of your behind,
    I am standing outside your window in the bush,
    I just got a sweet pic of your nice tush,
    Oh shanny, how you have a nice fanny,
    If only you weren't such a tranny

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