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  1. Hiya syn =)
  2. Myrcat ......... Meow!
  3. Awww. *hugs* I'm sorry. Dental work does suck. I've been putting off going for a while now cause I need wisdom teeth pulled and I dun wanna.
  4. It is going. I am so very tired... mouth hurts from the dental work yesterday, drugs making it hard for me to keep my eyes open.
  5. Too bad we can't igm the naughties to share with Dawg now. How's your night going sexeh?
  6. Dawg started it all. You met me after the corruption had already begun.
  7. Innocence my ***.
  8. I think tonight we gave him a little taste. You and Dawg are just naughty. You've caused irreversible damage to my innocence.
  9. Then he does not know what he is missing!
  10. I agree but he hasn't spent as much time playing with you yet and therefore might not wanna be your luv muffin.
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