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  1. Afraid not playing at all. Will be in Star Citizen though.
  2. I just wondered if you were still around. All is well, and I hope the same for you. I barely have time for Travian since switching careers — I tried 3x to quit completely, though I had more success in giving up the forum. On the rare occasions when I pop in, I always think of you.

    Where we "met" … that's difficult to say. We both played in GDA, us5 r1; I was in terror/awe of you but don't think I broke the threshold of your awareness.

    Are you playing on usx?
  3. Hello - sorry to say I only log in here once in a few months just to see what is happening. I have not logged in on skype for years either - as I recall that is where we talked met. Hope all is well
  4. Hello …
  5. Tis the brand of humour they show here - that entertains me the most
  6. I thought as much. Whatever else one might say, your integrity stands out.

    That's just what it was, derep signed "-SR." Some coward trying not very convincingly to pose as you, and apparently not for the first time. Sigh, I was net positive on that thread until that.
  7. Nope - if it was a PM - then I'm under this name - IGM - I'm under this name - I never drep. In fact, the other day I evidently dreped myself! At least it was signed -SR...

    So just ask - I won't hide something I've done - or not done
  8. You don't know how glad I am to hear that; I didn't want to think it was you. I presume you'd remember if you had told me "These are my forums..stay away!!" just yesterday.
  9. ???

    I suppose you have me at a loss. I honestly don't know the context of this. Something in the forums? Something in game? I'm always noob friendly - though I won't spare them a tweak if warranted or a splat in game if the enemy. Honest - I don't know the context for this.

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