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  1. Cool cool!
  2. Cool deal. I'll work on it now.
  3. Hey no worries. I don't mean to nag or anything, I'm used to having to 'motivate', so my bad. I'm on for 5-10 mins.
  4. My bad man. I'm busy as hell these past and next few days. Gimme a minute, kay? How long you on for?
  5. Can has nation created soon?
  6. Hey bud, you up for another RPG that I'm not going to kill? Link to opinion thread. If you're intersted, I'd like your opinion.
  7. Check out my new game if you have time. Don't worry I have mods to ensure no death
  8. lol, it's ok, I figured i'd make an act I style RPG, so not Char based as much.
  9. In there like swimwear. Wanna help me find my old char?
  10. Hey the RPG is up Tacticus act III
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