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  1. I have you on Facebook now
  2. I'm abandoning you again. Just wanted to let you know this time.
  3. Thank you for the cookie.
  4. Tonight my son asked me "can you buy me some man makeup?" as he was holding his sister's eyeshadow and mascara. I asked "what is man makeup?". He said he wants to be a rockstar when he grows up and needs man makeup.

    I am so proud. I should buy him black eyeliner and black nailpolish tomorrow.
  5. Properties thing didn't work. Check out my new post in the thread.
  6. Meh, pic didn't show up. Do the properties thing and check out the little dude in the green kart. My spawn pwns.
  7. Electric engines are a bad idea. My son's runs on alcohol and he could kick your ***.
  8. I want your gummy bear, not your +rep!
  9. Are you calling me a llama?
  10. Sometimes llamas wear lipstick. Just sayin'.
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