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  1. stonepaw! remember me?
  2. Sorry mate, got tied up in RL and quit the server after causing a bit of mayhem.
  3. Hey stonepaw, when does the server start or did it start already?
  4. any chance you want to come out of retirement and be a Teuton with me on S4?
  5. Now were both retirees :P

    Sooo happy greenbay is in the superbowl...hope they can pull it off, and yes i agree with you about the contacts
  6. I believe I am now retired, too. (after #1, where else do you go?)
    See, now if I had actually run a training alliance for us, ... what might have been. ;P
    I still think the hardest part of this game (next to long, sleepless nights) is losing the contacts you made when it's over.

    BTW - Greenbay is just a hop-skip-and-jump from me (Minneapolis) - well, a 4 hour hop that is.
  7. Congrats Stonepaw!!!!!! You came a LONG way...glad that you could do it =)

    Ive been retired for a couple months now, just relaxing and working...actually going to greenbay a day after christmas for a football game..very excited about that!

    keep in touch and Merry Christmas!

  8. Hail Chimera, um Loyd (nope, hail loyd just doesnt have the same ring)

    well, the slow server is over, and although we (the alliance I was in) didnt get the WW this time, our account did end things with a note of distinction. We (our account) were the biggest, fattest simmers of the round. At end game we had the single largest empire on the server. I think that qualifies as doing OK.

    Yes, ole' Stonepaw is bragging, but what else can I do to celebrate? My wife just doesn't get the whole "I'm a big fat simmer" victory dance and chant, so I thought I'd tell you.

    (now, doesn't that make you feel special?)

    Merry Christmas, mate!

  9. I know what you mean but when you want to raid 24/7 and make it a relaxing time aswell 6 duals makes it perfect!
  10. 6 duals !!!
    no room for personalities there!

    Our last round on the speed, we had 4: me, Higgie, Bags, and one other - it was one too many. :P
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