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  1. I feel the same way. I think that t4 would ruin Travian for me. I made an acct on s7 to try it out, and didn’t like it. the new hero system was great but thats about it.
  2. I really hope not .. I'm not a big fan of t4 at all from what i've played on s7 .. It's gaudy, clunky, slow .. I do like the hero quest stuff, if they got rid of the AH, got rid of then new graphics and just added the hero quest system, I'd love it
  3. Sorry for not replying sooner, I’ve been supah busy. Maybe not this round, but I can consider next round, tonka hammers are fun! Do you know if next speed round will be on Travian 4?
  4. Oh sweet .. I'm totally up for building a d roman with a tonka hammer if you are .. We still rocked pretty hard doing it that way for the little bit you played with me

    btw, my activity will be less then nominal as well ... I've moved, married, new job, new state, so really I can't do a whole lot of playing like I used to .. but I still want me some hate mail

    edit* - welcome back to the states !
  5. Wow! That was good timing! Well right now I have a lot on my plate (AP’s suck ***!) So I’m not sure how active I could be. And I moved back to the U.S! I’m living in Maine now.
  6. WOO!!! Holy crap I decided to poke you at the right time .. You and I should dual again .. only this time not on a deffer account with minimal offense *unless thats what you wanted to do .. which i'm 100% ok with :P *
  7. Hey! Yeah, I just started an acct on usx today so I could poke a few peeps. I haven’t played for about a year now so I need to get my act together.
  8. Hey hey .. Hopefully you still swing around from time to time, kinda hope so anyway !
  9. Yeah,
    Skype: Luca.v.k
    Gmail chat:
  10. Got skype or msn or anything?
    msn -
    skype - Dobz80 - Doobie
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