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  1. Can't urp but just wanted to say " 'Murica..."
    Sums up everything in that thread nicely.
  2. So how lost are you in the thread right now?
  3. Congratulations on becoming Senator.
  4. Cannot urp.
  5. Ah. QLD here.

    It does tend to be quieter but quiet is a relative term though as I've the 2 most active sections. Definitely not complaining though.
  6. Yeah. I am in WA, but I meant that most of the posts go down when I'm in bed or getting sorted at work. Probably means you get a quieter shift though eh?
  7. That's alright. I seem to be on similar times to you. Biggest difference would be if you were in WA but even that is only a few hours.
  8. Pity about the time difference...
  9. Hello from a munchkin of Oz.
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