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  1. The flower was by coincidence, honest. But the Aussie flag was on purpose. Slip let me know the winner so I could personalize the flag to that of the nationality of the winner. I was pleasantly surprised when you won, but well deserved!

  2. You did awesomely with the travies.
    I might ask if some were premeditated however. Flossie winning kind hearted when the image was a Flower and myself when the image contained a snippet of an Aussie flag over a globe.
    Regardless, I love them.
  3. THAT is AWESOME! I love it Mel.
  4. Yes. But I cannot see the post itself, I receive the message Invalid Thread.
  5. Almost. I intended mods to be able to see but no one else. Strange since it says you mod there. Can you see the reported post I made from in there?
  6. No. And I think you intended it that way.
  7. Just wondering, can you see my recent posts in a certain area that not many people know about?
  8. That's awesome!
    Thanks kabooja. Happy Halloween to you too.
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