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  1. Thank you so much for voting for me! I figured out how to use the colors to make it more pretty, not that you need it, you already are very pretty...or handsome!

    Now please vote for me in the new poll! This is big time voting guys! I'll give you a link so you can get there easier. See I'm helpful!

  2. Thank you for voting for me in the previous round. Unfortunately I lost. I LOST!!!! I need your support, your friends support, your farms support in this round so I can win! We have to stand together and show that failure is the new winner!

    As always, here is your cake for voting for me:

    Here is a link to the new poll, please vote for me!

  3. Thank you for voting for me! Sorry for the delay in getting you your dosage of cake, but it took me a long time to make you this fabulous cake out of real gold! I hope you vote for me again, the new poll is up and running!


  4. Thank you for voting for me this round! If you vote for me again next round you will receive a hand drawn note from Failcake!

    For now show your support by putting the following banner in your siggy:

    Thanks again!
  5. Oh my! You voted for me! Thank you so much. In reward I will give you a whole cake and hope you will vote again next time.

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