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  1. These days I haven't been posting as much, since I'm busy with other Travian duties. Was just talking about some of my old forum stories such as my underwear being auctioned off
    Good times, good times!
  2. Well certainly my dear sweet jjjjjesse. Although I misses you bunches, I do see you posting on the forums a lot. So, I have to share some of my special luvs with you from time to time. Let you know that I have not forgotten you.


  3. Thank you!
  4. This is just for you!

  5. I play on S4 and S1 now silly. You are still a dork!
  6. So you think you're going to take a hiatus from Travian? A dork, I am. Although, Im not the normal, dork type. Im a special breed. Maybe Im not really a dork, but I pretend to fit in like one. Is it working

  7. I still post just not on S6 or S8 very often. I mostly pop by to see what's going on. I play on S4 and S1 now.

    I've pretty much had it with the bull that happened on S6. I wasn't really impressed by either side to tell you the truth. I was impressed with some individual players though. You were one of the good ones even though you are a bonified dork!
  8. Yeah, those were the good ol days. I think those days are past us though. I have noticed you dont post too much anymore.
  9. My friend who plays with me on S4 got permabanned for pornography. She posted a photo of a bacon bikini on two hot chicks. Oh how I miss the good ole days. When we would discuss your slightly used weiner or the auction of your thong. I think everyone still thinks you are a 600 lb fat man living in your mother's basement after that photo I showed of your infamous thong.
  10. I am little, but I think I am more of an
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