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  1. I dunno what Chan's availability is for dualing.
  2. That's good to hear.
    Yeah I'm kind of sad to hear that it is doing great. They're practically wanting me to take over on leadership too... It's like D~P all over again. This is why we always go with preplanned alliances with a bunch of trolls. Haha I stayed because the place I spawned was ripe with farms. Like seriously almost got in the top robbers the first week of playing. And I started on day 12 too.

    You know I actually met someone and right now there are no strings attached to it but I think she expects me to ask her out this summer. Like damn I was enjoying the college life and then she throws down the chains.

    Thing is I'll need a dual so that I can spend more time with him... I definitely don't want to be in charge of the night shift, if you get what I mean. Hmm I wonder if there is an amazing old dual that would love to help me out???
  3. Been doing ok.
    S8 is winding down. 2-3 weeks from completion, though the round is no longer in doubt. Sorry to hear your joke account is doing well! I got drawn into full-on server b/c my 14th (or so) adventure got me the CP helm and then I realized I would be able to grab a 150 in the middle of the fun...

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to a Travian-free summer with lots of booze and women... though not necessarily in that order. I would wish you the same, but you've just been sucked back into The Addiction, and there's no time for women for you anymore.
  4. So S4 is actually going pretty well.. Well at least I think so. Looks like I'll be staying for at least a year now. How you been?
  5. Well as you can see... its kinda hard to stick around here on Travian. It's like once you break an addiction for so long you try to stay away from it. But deep down you know you'll always go back to it. And so I'm here again.

    I started a joke account on S4 so I'll see how that goes. If some of my friends IRL somehow play this game as well I think I"ll actually stay longer than my usual couple days. I'm glad you're doing good though. See ya Mark!
  6. Not too bad here.
    Had a nice quit for awhile but came back after my joke account got off to a great start.
    Now in endgame of what should truly be my final server.

  7. Indeed. Sort of anyways.

    Hows it been?
  8. Yup.
    And you as well.
  9. I see you're still alive mok.
  10. Well PWNY isn't really on s7 anymore (notice we changed the name to "leftover" since we were what was left.)

    Um.. your alliance kind of took a long time to get back with us so we ended up going to stooges for now. We're in talks with Lindsay now though.
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