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  1. That is doctorate not masters. Masters I have several just more difficult projects.
  2. You seem like quite the happy person. What's your thesis on?
  3. Thank you Summer, I have one more year left and there posted a profile of myself. So you can see Miss Nightmoon.
  4. you're going for your masters' ? That's incredible, I'm rooting for ya dear.
  5. Tis good how are you my friend? I have been surviving master's studies.
  6. Nah-hightmoon!! I'm good, thanks! How's the Northern Pacific?
  7. HUgs heya summer! how are you?
  8. It goes lol work is ever tiring but got to do it. Nice to be back though.
  9. Hey Nightmoon!

    How is everything going?
  10. SUMMMER!!!! HUGS YOU hows it going?
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