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  1. G'night to you too!
  2. That is nice. Well I must go for the night. You have a good night leunix.
  3. I AM black belt!
  4. Yep, I am two away from being black belt.
  5. Really? I thought I was the only who took Taekwondo... Everyone only takes Hapkido or mixed martial arts nowadays...
  6. Lol, I know. I have taken taekwondo and have seen them before.
  7. Seriously, go google it. Such a federation actually exists.
  8. lol, well I supose it can say that too.
  9. WRONG!!! It means "World Taekwondo Federation."
  10. yes lenix I know what it means. I wont say it though. It mean what the and a bad word.
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