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  1. Ah. That's good to hear then.
  2. Anything that hit's Brisbane/Gold Coast usually makes its way down here, but its generally started to die down by then.
  3. Was a little bit. I believe you guys all copped the same system too. I recall it caused a lot of flooding but not sure if it did anything else.
  4. I hear you guys flood a lot up there, but never anything about tornadoes, sounds rugged.
  5. Wasn't so lucky not too long ago. The last ex-tropical cyclone dumped 1000mm on our heads in a very short time-frame.
    I'm lucky I didn't live a little further south at Bargara which had 4 separate tornadoes go through it.
  6. Ahh QLD, your a lucky one then.
  7. Gladstone QLD.
  8. Sydney my friend, where abouts are you?
  9. I didn't realise you were also from the land of Oz.
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