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  1. Cool. Not a worry then.
  2. :0) Yeah...that's appreciated but I don't care if my stuff gets deleted, it's just to kill time more often than not.
  3. Yes. Haha. The gave it away though.
    Although, all of this happened after I cleaned it up the first time for being more explicit in that regard.
    I just wanted to send something along explaining why similar types of posts in that thread are no longer there.
  4. Only if your mind is in the gutter. ; 0) The convo was about capitalization of the letter O. Big O or little o. I'm a mother of kids ranging from 9 to 23 so I'm usually pretty careful on things like that.
  5. >.<
    While I don't mind the talk of the O personally, I don't believe it is exactly PG13...
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