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  1. Do it!

    Argentina is known to be quite cosmopolitan and hosting many immigrants including Italian immigrants, Spanish republican refugees, and German **** exiles - what a combination?

    I haven't followed Argentinean politics nor economics, my understanding is there's a bit of nostalgia for Dictator Peron among the nation's elderly, a sense of lost idealism by the Kirchners - back to back husband and wife presidents, and a drive for anti-corruption that is found throughout latin America and idealism around public ownership of Chavismo. Recessions are a bit common place in latin countries, to a point where people take the possibility of a slump into real consideration.

    Latin American and Spanish current events and history is certainly exciting
  2. Yup, I'm slowly planning a trip to Buenos Aires! Right now I don't really know much...just that Buenos Aires used to be considered "the Paris of South America" before the country experienced a huge recession. Also, that there is still a lot of political upheaval. This probably sounds bad, but something about the way Latin countries/Spain experience political unrest strikes me as slightly romantic. Maybe it's because the few accounts/books I've read touching on those topics are romanticized.
  3. are you planning on going there? If so, that'd be really cool! I just know basic trivial things about Argentina. Buenos Aires is known for some really cool street art.

    there has to be more to know than tango, gauchos, maté, and churripan.

    What have you learned about the land of the silver river?
  4. Fuzzy memory, I guess, and maybe you must have used the word "Argentina" sometime in the past (I tend to just remember random words). I'm just doing a bit of casual research on Argentina so I'm asking anyone I know who may have a connection.
  5. What made you recall that?

    I probably wouldn't have mentioned to be of Argentinean descent, but, there is an Argentinean link in my heritage.

    The story goes that part of my heritage traces back to the south of France, from there an ancestor of mine was commissioned to Istanbul, Turkey. While in Turkey he met a French woman who was on vacation in Istanbul, they returned to France and eventually got married. He was later commissioned to work in Buenos Aires, Argentina and then to New Orleans, USA and eventually to Mexico City where my grandmother was born.

    So my grandmother was born in Mexico City and I think an older sibling of hers was born in Argentina. Hence the Argentinean link.
  6. If I recall correctly, did you say you're part Argentinian?
  7. Thanks!
  8. Happy Birthday Creep-er!
  9. oh and I'm always up for reading books then discussing them if you want to give that a try?

    anyway, I'm getting tired.. cya!
  10. oh it's just the title, it's actually not so bad. Sidewalk is a good book and so is Villa Victoria, if you get a chance you might like them. They are both non-fiction if you want to give that a try.
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