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  1. I took that the wrong way. :P

    I haven't touched Skype in ages. Evil, evil thing!
  2. I like warm and fuzzy If you are on skype you should look me up, you know how to find me <3 xoxo
  3. Of all the things I did, I seriously don't count my time on S1 as anything memorable. So it's a big surprise to see my name come up like it has. But it's a warm fuzzy surprise. :P
  4. Some people are just un-forgetable you know Seriously, it was some reminiscing about s1r2 that was going on. I am in an alliance on s7 with some folks that were in Omen/TF from that round so started thinking about some of my favorite peeps....... and you are on that list.
  5. Now you've got me curious: what made you think about me after all these years?
  6. Nichts!!!!! I was thinking about you the other day, and here you still are
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