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  1. You are not Lurk and I am not MsEvil. I will do no such thing.
  2. Yes, I am. Now rub my feet.

  3. You're back!
  4. You need fresh eye socket. Take a zombie head, nuke it in the microwave and let the eye melt, see? And then you pork it while it's hot and slippery. Make sense now?
  5. Nah. The eye socket is usually too crusty for my preferences.
  6. The other nice thing about sex with zombies: You're not limited to mouth and **** and 'regular' sex. Missing an eye? Plug up that socket!
  7. Bringing a whole new meaning to "mind****ed."
  8. Remember, when you **** a zombie, you are ****ing every brain that zombie has ever nommed.
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