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  1. i was told that the more rep you have, the more rep is given. that's how i can tell if it was a person with lots of rep or from a person with no much.
  2. Well - than - yes I did just rep you

    BTW - how much does it rep when I rep?
  3. all you need to do is find that weigher (scale thingy) on the bottom left of post or whatever and click it. then you can chose to rep or de-rep, and you can put in a comment.
  4. Gah - I keep posting on my own page - I'm such a noob
  5. Maybe - I don't know.

    I just got the ability to rep - I don't know what I'm pressing.

  6. was it you who just gave me some up-rep?
  7. There should be a warning o.o
  8. I know - it's really annoying - like I said I posted a few times and got de-repped 5 times
  9. i think the de-repping complaints thread is now getting me de-repps. jee, i only posted there once or twice in the whole thing and i get de-repped.

    hmmm, back to villager.
  10. Wow - I guess I'm just an epic failure.
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