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  1. I'm doing no such thing, I'm calling you out is all. So you going to own up or ***** out? I vote the latter.
  2. Stop harassing me on my visitor board. Take a day off Bueller.
  3. Hey twit, you going to own up.
  4. [img][/img ]
    [img][/img ]
    [img][/img ]
    [img][/img ]
    [img][/img ]

    Hmmm, well you got me... I don't siggy my positive rep at times. Your turn half wit.

    *they don't load as pictures
  5. I usually do siggy. But for you I have no respect yet. Bring something more than a 2nd grade level comment and i will siggy them. Also you can start sigging yours.
  6. Hey ****, siggy your rep.
  7. Siggy your rep next time.
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