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  1. I have more or less of a life, u know
  2. did you quit for a while?

    so did i, but i came back.
  3. checked for first tim 10/25 lol
  4. *poke*

    hellooooooooo.... *ellooo* *ellooo* *ellooo* (that was supposed to be echoing.

    so yeah. come back. long time no see
  5. cool. way luckyer then me lol.
  6. 5th bar now!!!!!
  7. i'll keep what i have for now, but if i want to change i'll ask.
  8. Or, for an awesome avvy, you could tell me the name of a forumie whose avvy you like, and I can make that be yours. If you want, of course.
  9. oops i forgot to tell you. i will give it to you in pm.
  10. Do you know the account name yet?
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