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  1. Yeah. Hopefully it's a fun server. All the servers I'm on just have kinda flopped, except for 6
  2. Nope, different group.... gonna have to keep in touch over there.
  3. Yeah. You?
  4. I've got some people and I'm gonna be a dual on an account.... are you going with Blah?
  5. Hey I'm on s6 right now, but I might get dragged back to s4 with a couple people on 6 to just mess around. Are you gonna respawn there? I could try to see if someone needs another person if ya want.
  6. You playing any servers atm? Looking for a restart maybe?
  7. I don't really know. I quit a few months before End game because of RL stuff
  8. Whatever happened on s7?
  9. Yeah, and at least your forums are alive. 5's are dead, although BB came back so we'll see how that turns out. 6 is rather fun too lol.
  10. We gave up reasoning and stats a long time ago on s4... now we just make blatant claims and pounce when someone says anything remotely reasonable... we don't take kindly to reasoning.
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