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  1. I wonder if Nature[space] would work.

    I thought that was what your wife was for? I always assumed dad's just taught children sports.
  2. Heh, I actually wound up registering .Nature. but I doubt I am going to actually activate the account and play.

    Travian is blocked at my work forcing me to play on ipod only. Plus we are very shorthanded at work since one person quit and another was fired, and my kid can be a handful at home so I don't have the time available to put into another sim account in addition to my s4 sim account.
  3. Try registering with "Nature." or some variation of the word.
  4. I'd ban you. Us mods can do that.
  5. Heh, I wanted to make it red for the extra lulz but could not bring myself to do it. Maybe next time =-D
  6. *******!

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