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  1. Doogeh!
  2. Rawr!
  3. Righto. Thanks. I think I was only ever on it once to see what it was like and I had no idea how to do anything.
  4. Lol.
    Haha, aight, it's really easy, :P. I'll write up something for you in the next few days.
  5. Yer your telling me.
    I'd do that if you can teach me about IRC. I've never used it.

  6. Oof. That's a bummer.

    Eh, maybe. I'm going to bed in a few, but if you wanna get on IRC later this week, it'd be nice to talk it with over with someone, .

    Thanks, .
  7. Sounds like my life (except the wiminz part) two weeks ago. I'm in exam block now so it's not as bad as it was. Just need to study for the exams instead of worrying over finishing two of the largest assignments (physics and chemistry extended experiemental investigations) of the year (only other subject as bad is Biology).

    Taking a break from everything at the moment before getting stuck into it.

    With the wiminz anything I could help with (if you want it)?
  8. Eh, a tad overwhelmed with school, and I'm havin wiminz troubles, but, other than that, pretty damn decent.

  9. Anyway, how you been?
  10. Yup yup, .
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